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The Stupidest Win EVER

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Mr. Unclutch strikes again.

Two outs and down by one, with Jeter on second and Mr. Leigh Teixeira intentionally walked to get the righty-righty matchup K-Rod would have more of an advantage, A-Rod pops up to “deep” second.

The Mets were about to escape with the first game of the Subway Series in what could hardly be called a pitcher’s duel.  You could hear the collective groan of everyone (who wasn’t a Mets fan) in Yankee stadium of thinking: “Again?  Really?”

I’m not one to watch much National League games, and I don’t follow the Mets, but I feel like I’ve heard they’ve been plagued by dumb plays for much of the season.  If that’s the case, then I think this one will top them all.

A-Rod was about to not produce again in the last at-bat of the game when second baseman Luis Castillo dropped the ball.

Give credit to Jeter and (more importantly) Teixeira for legging out a game-ending pop-up.  If they didn’t, it would have been one run to tie the game and Tex on 3rd.  And it’s definitely not K-Rod’s fault since he was able to induce the routine pop-up.  It totally sucks that he gets a loss and a blown save on an error like that.

For a team that just got crushed in three games in Boston, losing to the Mets in a game were Joba wasn’t that great would have been another taxing defeat.  Instead, the Yankees get the luckiest win ever.  And luck, for some reason, has a way of working in baseball.

Because a game was not lost in the standings, it would stink if the Yankees ended up winning the division by one game over the Red Sox because of this.

(By the way, I loved the fact that someone, I think it was Melky, jumped on A-Rod’s back and was staying there for a few seconds… a guy who just had hip surgery a few months ago and I’m sure shouldn’t be having to hold up a svelte guy like Melky.)

Good Start to this Yankees Series

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

The only thing that didn’t go the Red Sox way last night was the fact that they didn’t get a chance to bat in the ninth inning against the Yankees.

To keep this train rolling against New York, the best (and obvious) way to do that is to kill their pitching while trying to keep Boston’s staff in good order.  Seems simple enough, I guess.

Step 1: Knock around the starter to get him out of the game early to get into their bullpen.

A.J. Burnett only went 2 2/3 innings, giving up five runs (three earned) on five hits to go along with his five walks.  To say that he wasn’t great is a bit of an understatement, with only 40 of his 84 pitches going for strikes.

Step 2: Spend their bullpen to make it weaker in the remaining two games of the series.

Three pitchers went 5 1/3 throwing 95 pitches.  They will most likely not be pitching tomorrow, except maybe having David Robertson for the “just in case.”

Even with one more inning to pitch, the Sox threw 45 fewer times.

With Chien-Ming Wang pitching tonight, there’s a chance that they could put a little more damage into the bullpen as well.  This will be his second start since his DL stint beginning in April, though he has pitched recently in relief.  Ironically, his relief appearances have been much better than his starts.

In the three starts before the “injury,” Wang had gone a combined six innings with a slew of bad stats including a 34.50 ERA.  In his three relief appearances, he had eight innings with a nice 2.25 ERA.  Then a few days ago, he had another bad start, but at least going 4 2/3 to give up five earned runs.

If he is somehow able to give them at least six solid innings then Wang should be able to help out the pitching staff, especially with the horse Sabathia going tomorrow.  But if he has to be pulled early, and the Yankees have to tax their bullpen even more, that will put even more of an onus on C.C. to try to pitch a complete game.

With all that said, I’m sure now Wakefield will get lit up, Wang will pitch well, and no of this will even matter.