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Bruins Limping into the Top Spot for the Playoffs

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

With my alma mater, Siena College, making a decent showing recently in the NCAA Tournament, I haven’t paid much attention to the Bruins and what is their win-one-lose-one mentality.  But just out of curiosity, I decided to see what was going on with the standings and the end of the season for the NHL.

With nine games left for Boston to play in the 2008-09 season,  the Bruins are still in first place in the Eastern Conference.  That’s five points ahead of the Devils (and five points behind Western Conference leader Detroit).

Obviously, they haven’t wrapped up the number one spot just yet with 18 possible points still out there, but it stands to reason that they will definitely have home ice for the first round, and possibly for keep it for the majority of the playoffs.


If they can get past the first round, which we all know has been an issue for the Bs for a long time.  For their last few playoff appearances, they have been bounced from said round.  And most of the time it has come from their archenemy, the Montreal Canadiens.  And guess who is currently sitting in the number eight spot as of today.

Well documented, the Bruins have had terrible luck against the Habs when it comes to, well, hockey.  Post-season loses are numerous and painful.  2004 playoffs included the #2 seeded Bruins being up 3-1 in game, only to lose the final three in a row to Montreal.

But the 2008 playoffs offered a glimmer of hope.  Clearly out-manned and out-skilled, the eighth-seeded Bruins made what started off as a breeze-through series into a really tough, grind-it-out one in which they forced a game seven.  Sure they lost, but it seemed to be a small window into what was shaping up to be a young, talented team.

Then this season started and they were hot as a pistol, racing out to a fantastic points lead (going toe-to-toe with San Jose for most of the way).  Yes they have a rough stretch of the past 20 games (that would be a quarter of a season) going 7-9-4.  But if they could get a small little run going into the playoffs, I think it will do them very well.

And maybe their terrible run of playing the Habs in the playoffs will end this season.  Thy have played them well so far, going 4-0-1, with a final game coming up on April 9th.  Sometimes just completely out classing them on the ice.  And don’t forget that there was plenty of cheering for Tim Thomas minding the net during the All-Star game in Montreal (yes, I know that’s irrelevant, but I also think a little ironic as to how they have been going this season).

Maybe this is the year?