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Brady’s Booty and All

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

So, the day after playing in the AFC Championship game, Tom Brady was spotted walking around New York City in a walking cast. My aforementioned buddy, and Giants loyalist, Tyrone was quick to say that I should be worried about Brady playing.

Here’s my take on this: one of the many reasons why people not born between New Haven, CT and Madawaska, ME don’t like Bill Belichick is because he toys with the notion of the injury report. He never releases any specific injuries and puts people in the different categories of injuries when they are released before the games (take the fact that Brady’s been “probable” since 2002). He does this because he thinks that it could possibly give the opposing team an advantage in scouting and preparing for a specific player.

Historically, any injury has been tight-lipped within the organization. So why would he allow Brady to walk around New York City (the media-frenzied metropolis that is the home of their next and last opponent)? He’s smart enough to know that he would be spotted walking to his lady’s place; heck he was previously caught walking her dog just a few weeks before that.

My guess: it’s nothing. If anything, he probably sprained or turned it during the Chargers game, and the trainers just told him that he’ll be better if he wore that cast for a day or so.

Believe me, I would like to think that Belichick and Brady was scheming in the office late Sunday night to throw off the winner of the NFC Championship game, but I just don’t actually see that.

Besides, if he was actually that injured, don’t you think that he would be only in Massachusetts, going between his home and the training facilities. Not letting the rest of the world that he was in trouble.

And sure enough, and I’m sure less interesting, later that day he was without the cast.

I’ve Got a Real Bad Feelin’

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

My buddy Tyrone has been (somewhat) right about the Giants all year long. And that’s what is beginning to worry me.

He’s a homer to the nth degree, who will blindly say that his team will win. He thought that the Giants would have a great season this year when everyone else was sure that .500 would be a very good season. He thought they would beat Dallas when no one else did (including me). And he said that Green Bay would be their toughest opponent this post-season, but they would pull out a win.

I can’t believe he was right.

When the New York Giants played the New England Patriots for the final game of the regular season, many pundits said that that was the “turning point” for the Giants, and the fact that they looked like a championship-type team in the loss.

Here’s the thing I don’t like now: The team that had a chance to stop New England from going undefeated in the regular season now has an opportunity to stop New England from going undefeated in the entire season. Just like I got this gut feeling that Tynes was going to hit that winning field goal on the third try. Keep giving them chances and it will happen.

Hopefully it won’t be the trend that the Giants win because no one picks them to win; I’m hoping that it’s the trend that the Pats win because everyone is picking them to win.

And random final thought: Wasn’t it that the 2001 Patriots were some where in the ballpark of a two-touchdown underdog going into that Super Bowl?

Thank Goodness it’s not Indy

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

For some reason, in a sick, sadistic way, I seem to find just as much enjoyment when teams I like to hate lose as when the teams I like win.

The San Diego Chargers (a team that I am not really fond of) went into Indianapolis and defeated the favored Colts (a team that I loathe). This now means that the New England Patriots will play the Chargers next weekend in the AFC Championship game.

The one team that I was really afraid of in the postseason was the Colts. Like many of the various yahoos out there, I thought that in the NFL there was a big difference between the top to teams in the AFC (Pats and Colts) and everyone else. And now there is only one of those teams left to reach the Super Bowl.

At one point during the Colts/Bolts game, CBS’s Dan Dierdorf mentioned that which ever team was eventually victorious in that game will be banged up when facing New England next week. Looking at San Diego, Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and LaDainaian Tomlinson spent the last quarter watching from the sideline. And it wasn’t like it was a blowout where they were looking to save/rest them. They were down in a very close game, and an injured yet play-through-the-pain player (especially ones of Tomlinson’s and Rivers’ status and difference-making abilities) would have been on the field.

I would think that most likely, the injuries weren’t so terrible that a few days rest and they’ll be back to play next weekend (Gates is probably a different story, I think he’s just flat-out hurt). And while he had a great drive in the fourth quarter, I don’t think that Billy Volek would be the quarterback that could beat the Pats. On the other hand, before going down, I think that Rivers had one of his better games of his career. Healthy, I think that him doing that for another game would be a tall task.

Of course, I’ve thought that about Eli Manning after the Week 17 game, and his next two games have been great. Maybe like the QB with whom he’ll be linked by the 2004 draft/trade, he has “finally turned the corner” and will be a winning quarterback. Then again, a few good games in a row, and I’m not ready to put either of them in that next grouping of top QBs playing.

While it’s not the game that I’m sure the rest of the NFL fans would like to see (Colts/Pats), it’s the match up that I was hoping for.