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The destroyed tapes

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

In a recent posting of the Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Gregg Easterbrook implied that there were more findings by the NFL and that they destroyed them because of their contents, not saying what was on them. Reading between the (widely-spaced) lines, there was more incriminating evidence against the Patriots. And that the NFL/Goodell is now covering it up to not have to tell the media that the beloved Pats are in deeper trouble.

He seemed to also ask a lot of questions to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. One question that I didn’t see him ask, or if he did, he didn’t seem to put it in the column: Were the all the tapes filmed by New England? Imagine if Goodell, et al, found in the collection that the Patriots had a tape of a Denver sideline from a Raiders sideline. What if it’s not just the Patriots that have been doing these video-tactics (which would probably displease Mr. Easterbrook and his Patriot-bashing ways)? What if when Mike Holmgren calls Jack Del Rio for the Panthers’ game plan against the Eagles, Del Rio says “oh, and we got this video too.”

Uh oh.

Maybe that’s why the memo that went out before the start of the season that dealt with the very same issue. Maybe it was a known league-wide problem beforehand. That could be another question to ask.

One more thing.

Easterbrook wrote “Again, if the sole copies were being held by the league, how could any club use the material?” Good question Gregg. Let’s ask another one: If the sole copy of the tape taken from the Jets-Patriots game in Week 1 was held by the league, how could Fox air the material? I’m sure he as an assumption about that one too.